(Source: www.CreationPix.com)

Saanen Goats: Holsteins of the goat world. Averages 1,975-2,000 pounds of 3-4% butterfat milk per year. Good harness- and pack-goats.


(Source: http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/goats/saanen/saan1.jpg)

Nubian Goats: Jersey of the goat world. Produces a creamy milk with high butterfat and protein content (ideal for cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and soap). Good for packing and cart-pulling. More heavily muscled than Swiss dairy breeds, so can serve as meat goats, too. Fun pets, brush-mowers, and show animals. Smart, friendly, active, easy-to-train.


(Source: http://buffalocreekfarmandcreamery.com/nubian8.jpg)

Alpine Goats: Produce a high volume of milk over a long lactation period. Milk has good butterfat and protein content (good for cheese). Friendly and curious. Good pets, show animals, brush-eaters, can be pack-goats if well-trained.


(Source: http://www.sheepandgoat.com/news/alpinebuck.jpg)

Kinder Goats: Compact size, excellent feed conversion, high production of quality milk with high protein and butterfat content. Base production of 1,500 pounds of milk in 305 days. Wethers are good meat animals. Friendly, sociable, personable pets and brush-mowers. Nubian does bred with a pygmy buck.


(Source: wikimedia)


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