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Easter Eggers: Medium egg productivity and medium-sized eggs. Eggs are blue, green, or pink in colour. They are typically friendly, easy to handle, calm, quiet, and docile. Come in all different colours. The can tolerate all different climates. Related to the Ameraucanas and Araucanas breeds. Usually a smaller bird.



Golden Sex Link (Bovan Brown): lay big brown eggs. Hardy and friendly. Can tolerate cold climate. High egg productivity. Imported originally from the Netherlands. Males are white, females are red. These are an egg chicken.



Olive Eggers: lay khaki- to olive-coloured eggs. Tolerate all climates. Medium egg size and medium productivity. These are an egg chicken.


Swedish Flower Hens: first eggs tend to be small, but after a few months, they generate extra-large eggs. Well-adapted to colder temperatures. Medium egg productivity. Various colours. Eggs are cream-light brown in colour. These are a dual-purpose chicken (meat/eggs).



Partridge Plymouth Rock: Tolerate cold climates. High egg productivity with large eggs. Eggs are brown. Chickens are brown-rust. Skittish temperament.

Partridge Plymouth Rock



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